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Who we are [the “site”]


To the fullest extent permitted by law :

The utilisation of this Website (Site) [including browsing] by any and all parties (including any third parties) means acceptance, in full, of the following Privacy Policy Statement. This Policy, forms part of and should be understood in terms of the Site’s broader Disclaimer. NO Duty of Care is being entered into regards Privacy Matters.

Privacy Policy Statement

◊ as a general rule, does not collect private details from people, unless specifically agreed to by said person.

◊ Where does ask for the recording of private details, any person supplying such details expressly agrees to holding the details supplied. This express agreement includes ALL use of “contact” and “sign-up” type features.

◊ may utilise cookie and re-targeting technologies on this site.

◊ may engage in direct marketing activities within the framework of relevant laws. The site does not make personal data available to third-parties for the third-party’s own activities. The site may provide data to a third-party, for contracted services, directly related to the site’s own activities. If doing so, the site will seek assurances from such third-parties, that they will limit their use of such data to only the contracted purposes intended and that the data will be reasonably protected from inappropriate access at all times.

◊ Whilst will use its best endeavours to safely hold private material in its systems, it cannot and does not guarantee the safety of any such material and is not assuming a Duty of Care regards the holding of or transfer of such private information.

◊ will, under normal circumstances, permit only appropriately authorised people to access any private information it may hold.

◊ Any person with queries or concerns regards private information held by should contact the site, via the Contact feature.

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